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What influence does Feng Shui have on our emotional, mental and physical well-being?

Some people perceive it consciously, others only subconsciously – the interaction between people and space. This interaction has an enormous influence on our well-being. Whether building materials, constructions or technology, humans react to any structures, colors and materials and are thus directly influenced by e.g. materials, air quality, noise and climatic conditions in their environment. Taoist monks have done research on this subject as early as about 3000 BC. Today, this teaching is known to us as Feng Shui (translated as “wind and water”). It deals with the positive as well as negative influences of the immediate environment and structures on the health, performance and general well-being of humans. Furthermore, the geological conditions and pre-existing stresses of the earth also have an influence on us. This is the subject of geomancy (translated as “divination of the earth”). The knowledge of these two millennia-old teachings give us the opportunity to shape our environment more consciously and thus benefit positively in the long term.

Barbara Jurk herself started her training as a Feng Shui and Geomancy Consultant at the Qi-Mag Institute about 30 years ago and graduated as a Feng Shui Master in 1998. The Qi-Mag International Feng Shui & Geobiology Institute was founded in 1990 by Dr. Jes T.Y.. Lim and his wife Julie Lim in Sri Lanka with the aim of making the precious knowledge of Feng Shui and life-affirming home design known internationally. Today the institute comprises an international network of over 2,000 trained Qi Mag consultants.

With the offer of the seminars and trainings below, the founding idea shall be carried on in the future. With Barbara, you can benefit in particular from training based on extensive practical experience. In the context of her self-employment as an interior architect, Barbara has always immediately applied her acquired knowledge in the field of Feng Shui & Geomancy in practice. This should also benefit you, because in the training courses you will not only be taught theoretical basics, but there will be a direct practical reference based on best practice examples from her own experience and implemented projects.

Structure of the Feng Shui training

The training follows the international curriculum of the Qi-Mag Institute, which includes the proven theory and practice of the most important classical Feng Shui schools.

At the beginning, the basics are taught in three basic courses (Feng Shui 1, Feng Shui 2, Business Feng Shui). These are suitable for your own application at home or as a foundation for your future career. The courses last between 1.5 to 3 days and are offered on weekends. No previous knowledge is required. Building on the basic courses, there are two further optional in-depth courses, Feng Shui for Hotels and Feng Shui for Private Homes. Prerequisite is the successful participation in the basic courses Feng Shui 1 & 2.

For all those who would like to gain more knowledge after the basic courses, there is the possibility to start the consultant training based on Feng Shui 1 & 2. This consists of two parts of 7 days each. Each part can be completed either as a compact course in Mallorca or divided into three weekends in Frankfurt or the Bavarian Forest (more detailed information will follow). In the first part the classical Feng Shui and the Geomantie are deepened. In the second course you will gain profound knowledge about the astrological aspect, the so-called Flying Stars (Lo’Shu). The effects of the planets and the cosmos on our rooms and the corresponding application of certain tools will be treated. If you would like to go even deeper into the subject, you can take three more in-depth modules (Mountain & Water Dragon, Business Feng Shui & Garden Feng Shui).

At the end of the training you will receive a certificate as a qualified Feng Shui consultant.

Structure of the Geomancy Training

The geomancy training is divided into six courses. The first two courses, Tao 1 & 2, are about energetic cleansing and energy transformation of negative burdens in the earth or in the building as well as working with trees and stones. These courses are each offered as 7-day compact courses in Mallorca. It is not possible to divide the courses over several weekends, as a certain energy level is required for successful implementation. This can only be achieved in a specific environment and without the influence of constant interruptions caused by everyday stress. For follow-up, refreshment and clarification of questions that arose during the practical activities, there is still the Feng Shui & Tao Geomancy Practical Course, which comprises 3 days.

More information about the continuing Tao courses 3-6 will follow soon.

Additional offer:

As a further additional offer, besides the explained trainings, there are the courses Neutrakon 1-3, in which regression techniques and the healing of old blockages are treated.

There is also the possibility with the additional courses Lo’Shu private (2 days) and Lo’Shu Business (3 days) to enter more closely into astrology, for example, to illuminate personal strengths and weaknesses and to be able to use workers in the professional environment according to individual abilities.

The lessons are held in German, but can also be held with English or Spanish translation if required.

You can find more information about the individual course contents as well as the dates below. If you have any questions, please send us an email at orga@barbara-jurk.com.

Upcoming dates


09. & 10. March
Feng Shui 1

Location: Frankfurt am Main
Prerequisite: none
Costs: 350€ incl. manual
Speaker: Barbara Jurk

22. – 24. March
Feng Shui 2

Location: Bavarian Forest
Prerequisite: none
Costs: 450€ incl. manual
Speaker: Barbara Jurk

13. & 14. April
Feng Shui 1

Location: Frankfurt am Main
Prerequisite: none
Costs: 350€ incl. manual
Speaker: Barbara Jurk

26. – 28. April
Feng Shui 2

Location: Frankfurt am Main
Prerequisite: none
Costs: 450€ incl. manual
Speaker: Barbara Jurk

25. & 26. Mai
Business Feng Shui Basis

Location: Frankfurt am Main
Prerequisite: none
Costs: 580€ incl. manual
Speaker: Barbara Jurk

15. – 21. September
Compact course Feng Shui 1 & 2
and Business Feng Shui Basic

Location: Mallorca
Prerequisite: none
Costs: 1.380€ incl. manual
Speaker: Barbara Jurk

Feng Shui 1

This seminar teaches basics that you can pay attention to at home. You will learn to strengthen your element correctly and to direct the flow of Qi optimally. You will also learn how to take care of your health by identifying and blocking problematic effects of water veins, etc. You will see, after this seminar “momentum comes into your booth” – old stagnant energies dissolve, so that positive changes can move into your life.

Course contents:

– Basic principles, essence and meaning of Feng Shui

– Feng Shui methods to improve your vitality and prosperity

– How can different building shapes and design affect human health?

– Energy flow in houses and the effects on health and vitality

– Simple techniques to detect underground water veins that cause many of the degenerative diseases; remedies

– Numerous examples of good or bad bedroom design

– Negative symbols and unhealthy qi in the environment

– Explanation of the principle of the five elements and their application

– Introduction to use of the Lo’pan (Feng Shui compass)

Feng Shui 2

Every corner of a house has its own dynamics. Here you will learn which areas are best suited for relaxation rooms and work spaces, so that you can effectively support health and prosperity. The three classic systems of Feng Shui are introduced (the Three Door System, the East-West System, and the Flying Stars). An excellent start to properly applying the teachings of Feng Shui at home and with friends and gaining positive experience with it.

Course content:

– Advanced practice of Yin and Yang

– The energies of the five elements, colors and abhlife systems

– The Eight Life Goals – how to strengthen different aspects, e.g. partnership, prosperity and the family

– The Three Door System

– The System of Eight Trigrams – East-West System (Ba’Tzai and San He) for determining the best space and area

– The Flying Stars (Lo’Shu) – the time dimension in Feng Shui

– Effective energetic house cleaning

– How to use Lo’pan (Feng Shui compass) with 23 rings

– How to change the unfavorable energy of rooms

– Remedies, recognition of earth grid lines, e.g. Benker, Hartmann and Curry grid lines

Business Feng Shui Basis

This will give you an understanding of the direct impact that symbols (logo, business card), environment, store layout, office seating positions, etc. can have on your success and advancement. Bring dynamism into your business and profession by setting clear signs for it.

Course content:

– Remedies and possible solutions to problems in the internal and external environment that can affect business

– Advantageous space design for executives to manage effectively

– Ideal seating arrangements to enhance the performance of your employees

– Proper seating positions during negotiations, etc. for proper control, respect and success

– Proper cash register and front desk placement for increased profit

– Favorable entrance design to attract more clientele

– Effective company logos that increase success

– The principle of the five elements and color combinations in the office and store to increase productivity and creativity

– How to protect your employees from electrosmog

– Good and bad furniture in the office

– Symbols in stores and shopping centers that affect business success

Beratungskurs 1 & 2

In the consultant course 1, especially the classical Feng Shui and geomancy are treated. The eight life goals as well as the East-West system are dealt with intensively and one also learns the important role of landscape Feng Shui.

The advisor course 2 then deals with the advanced system of the “Flying Stars” (Lo’Shu). In particular, the influence of the planets and the cosmos on our spaces and the appropriate use of the tools will be covered.

Course content:

– Theory and practice of Feng Shui according to the 7 levels of the environment

– Positive and negative landforms and interpretations

– How different shapes of buildings affect our health and performance

– Details of the eight life goals and their deeper meaning

– Geopathic interference fields and their properties

– Plants that influence our health

– Application of the five elements and remedies

– Explanations of the 9 MingTangs for great prosperity

– Secrets of the master to change the luck and prosperity of the building or the inhabitants

– The advanced system of “Flying Stars” (Lo’Shu)

– Determination of “Base Star”, “Mountain Star” and “Water Star

– The nine-year cycle and the “Grand Duke Jupiter

Feng Shui für private Häuser

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Berg- & Wasserdrache

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Business Feng Shui

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Garten Feng Shui
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Neutrakon 1-3
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Lo'shu privat
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Lo'shu business
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Business Feng Shui Seminar für Unternehmer
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