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For more than 2000 years, different cultures have left their mark on special places of power. These can also be found in Chartres and Paris as places of pilgrimage.
Many pilgrimage routes from north and south meet here on the Way of St. James.

There are many legends about the Gothic cathedral in Chartes, which is one of the most beautiful buildings in Europe. We sensed and explored the original energies and qualities and immersed ourselves in the mysterious knowledge of the ancient master builders, Templars and artists.

In the cathedral (built in the 13th century), the path of a labyrinth is carved into the floor. It is a path that winds its way through 54 bends, through 11 concentric circles to the center and is 265.5m long.
In the spirit of the old masters of antiquity and the School of Chartres, the message for the pilgrims of Chartres is: “Know thyself (in the labyrinth).”
We were invited not only to perceive this path mentally and visually, but also to sensitize our own emotional, intuitive perception.

On one day, we traveled by train from Chartres to Paris, where we energetically explored the heart of Paris, the energy of Monet’s paintings, the secret smile of the Mona Lisa and the impact of the glass pyramid/Louvre on Paris.